We want all of our families to have successful and satisfying relationships with their puppies and the right training is so critical to that!! We really can’t emphasize enough how important training will be in the long term success of this new relationship!

Sojourner Puppy training options.....

Sojourner Puppies doesn’t currently offer an official training program. We do however do our best to start your puppy off right from the very beginning to make the training process easier once they arrive at home! Starting as early as four weeks we begin to introduce our puppies to litter box training. We have found this to be a fantastic first step towards the house training that they will begin once they go home. We also introduce them to crates at around six weeks by making them available and allowing them to explore and create familiarity. We always love to see how many of them cuddle up and sleep inside the crates! 

Does training really matter?

The more experience we gain in puppy breeding the more we believe the right training is so very important! We have seen that one of the biggest challenges families face in bringing home a new puppy happens when expectation and reality don’t line up. Some of the best advice that I have received from a trainer is that the most important first step when your new puppy comes home is to create a bond of trust and love. That bond is going to go far towards successful training in the future! The puppy needs to know that you love them for who they are and once that bond is created, and this happens quickly, the stage is then set for a great future together! Now it is time to start helping your puppy understand what it is that you are looking for from them and their behavior. 

So what are our options?

As serious as we are about training, we are equally serious about protecting your new puppy from the dangers of exposure to harmful viruses and diseases before they are fully vaccinated that can be found at in person training facitites. We also still find ourselves in a world impacted by the Corona virus and that introduces another set of limitations. So what are our options? We have researched different training programs and are very pleased with what we found with Baxter and Bella! We spoke with the creators of the program and it was very evident that they not only do they have an impressive knowledge of dog training, but they also have big hearts for the relationship between people and their pets! That is a great combination! They have found several creative ways to make the training through their online program very personal and interactive! They offer live sessions as well as the option of setting up a Zoom call with a trainer to deal with specific issues. We have witnessed first hand how helpful and effective they are! 

How to sign up with Baxter and Bella...

They offer a lifetime of support that begins before you even bring your puppy home. We love that they include informative puppy prep that will help you and your family get ready for your new baby! A one time membership fee is all you need to have support for your dog's lifetime! By using our code (Sojourner25) you will receive 25% off of your membership! We love that! We have been so impressed with what we have seen! In the end all that really matters to us is that you find just the right training program for you and your puppy!! If you would like to learn more about Baxter and Bella click on the B&B logo below! 

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