"Gulliver is the most perfect precious companion best friend I’ve ever had!! He is doing GREAT! He is a total love- temperament is amazing. His little personality I swear gets cuter everyday. Overall he is pretty chill but definitely LOVES being outside, going on a walk, people (really anyone- he gets offended when people don’t stop and talk to him) and he Loves other dogs too! We thank God everyday for the blessing Gully has been in our lives 🤍"

- M. Marshall & J. Collins -

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"Miss Blanche Deveraux was the missing link in our family. From day one Sojourner Puppies was amazing. She said blanch was more of the 'I want to sit in your lap, not by your feet type' and she was spot on. This dog is more like a human than any dog we've ever met. Sojourner starts potty training before coming home which made it so easy. She fit right in with our other dog and her two human siblings aged 2 and 4 at the time. A sweet, gentle, goofy affectionate, smart dog. She is one of the best decisions we ever made."

- The Furlong Family -

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"Sawyer gets a lot of compliments for her unique markings, and people can't get enough of her goofy personality. It's impossible to be in a bad mood around her because her loving attitude is contagious."

- B. Woodson -


"I cannot speak highly enough about Sojourner Puppies! We got our puppy Savannah from them in October 2020. She is so healthy and has the most beautiful coat. She is the sweetest and smartest puppy. She has the best personality; she is so curious, loves to snuggle, and loves to play! She has picked up all of her training so quickly! She has brought so much joy into our lives. She is going to be such a great deployment buddy for me. Everyone who meets her adores her!"

- M & J Peppin-Sherwood -

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"She is the most people-person dog we ever knew - we adore her. and stay small - it's great!"

- H. Raymond -


"Boeing... We don’t think there could have been a more perfect dog for us... he is seriously just so perfect! Everyone who meets him is amazed at how well behaved and laid back he is....and he is especially good and gentle with kids. We just love him! I hope you guys have a great New Year! I look forward to seeing updates on future pups!" 

- Henwood Family -

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- L. Bussain -


"We are so in love! She's made our life complete. I can't thank you guys enough!"

"Getting Saban was the best process we could have asked for! He truly is the perfect dog, we could not imagine life without him! He’s just the happiest, goofiest, most well mannered dog I’ve ever met. We cannot thank you enough for everything you did during the whole process and we cannot wait to see any future pups!" 

- Frazier Family -

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"We are forever grateful for our 67 pound "puppy", Tarben! Thank you!"

- J. Roth -


"We are absolutely in love with our little Hoka (but not so little anymore!). Sojourner has truly helped us find our most precious gem and perfect family member which has forever changed our lives!"

-M. Pollack

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"Daisy Mae is the best. She is smart , she was potty-trained in days  -really - and learns quickly with dedicated training; she is playful and sweet; great with kids and senior citizens; and she especially loves to socialize with other dogs. We love our puppy more than we thought possible! We say often that we're pretty sure we have the greatest dog in the world! Sojourner came highly recommended....and we recommend just the same! Kristin and Keith were a wonderful support to us as we navigated the first few weeks as dog owners. We truly couldn't be happier with Daisy Mae and the entire experience."

M. Nolan

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Before Pepper even made it home, Kristin & Keith told us about her sweet and attention loving personality! They couldn't have pin pointed her better, and she ended up in the right place with two human brothers who never leave her alone! Thank you Sojourner Puppies for the final member to our family!"

- K. Gentz -

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"Zoe is the happiest and most loving girl!"

- J. Thobe -

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