Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush
Double sided brush.png

A good brush is an invaluable grooming tool! I particularly love this brush for puppies because there is the wire side for their body and and the soft side for their face and paws. I probably have ten of these laying around my house!! 

Tearless Shampoo & Conditioner

We love this shampoo for our puppies because it is very gentle and the tearless factor is a big plus for me! I can sometimes find this at TJMaxx or Home Goods and if not I order it on Amazon! I also love the adult version too! 

Concentrated Detangler & Shine

Cowboy Magic is a wonderful product to use in between baths to make their coats shine and smell good! I love that it doesn't make their coats greasy or weigh down their fur! They do also make shampoo but this is the primary product we use from them. It is a bit pricey but it lasts a LONG time because honestly a little dab will do! 

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Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 9.45.37 AM.png

We fell in love with this puppy set up from the moment we saw the picture on Facebook. We now use it on a regular basis! When we use this setup our puppies end up spending quit a bit of time in their crates and it becomes a positive place for them. It is a great example of the setup recommended by Puppy Culture. It helps to set your puppy up for success, especially for times they will be home on their own for a while. This allows your puppy room to move around, a place to go potty, and access to their crate. This is also great for times when they need some down time or you won't be able to keep eyes on them for a while. 

Puppy Crate

We use our crates on a daily basis and find them to be wonderful tool for potty training as well as general puppy and dog wrangling! We introduce puppies to a crate before they head home to you and we hope that their crate becomes a cozy place they love!! Your puppy needs to be able to turn around comfortably in th crate but not have so much room that they can move to the back and use it as their indoor bathroom! You can either begin with a smaller crate and work your way up as they grow or use the adjustable panel that comes with the crate to help it grow as they do. Our standards will typically need the x-large crates by the time they are full grown. 

Puppy Crate
Puppy Playpen

We love these play yards! They are a great place to set your puppy for a few moments if you need him to be contained either inside or out! They break down easily and are very compact which is also a big plus!

Bed & Mat

Puppy comfort!! We like to have a pad in their crate that is easy to wash for the occasional accident or muddy mess. I always check and make sure they are machine washable before I buy them. I also use small soft bathroom rugs as well since they are so easy to clean!


Puppy beds are another comfort item! Our puppies always love the beds with the raised sides so they can rest their cute little heads on them! 

Stain & Odor Remover
Animal Stain & Odor Remover

Nature's Miracle is a great product!! We always have it on hand for the inevitable puppy mess! It gets to the odor on an organic level vs just covering the smell.


KONG - Classic Dog Toy
Kong Dog Toy

KONGs are a great tool to keep your puppy mentally active and helps to avoid boredom! You can stuff them with all kinds of yummy things and even put them in the freezer to help with teething!

Puppy Toys!!
Puppy Toy

We are pretty sure we have a puppy toy addiction! TJ Maxx and HomeGoods again have proven to be a fantastic place to find all kinds of toys! ZippyPaws is a favorite of ours! Each puppy will have a style of toy that they enjoy most so it calls for a bit of experimentation... which is half the fun!