This is the first step in discovering if Sojourner Puppies is the best fit for your family in your puppy journey! We want to learn more about you and see a small snapshot of your daily life! Through experience we have come to believe that the one of the most important factors in a successful puppy match is understanding the needs and expectations our families have for their new puppy. It is our hope to help our families connect to their new puppy in ways that will bring joy to both as well as a lifetime of wonderful and mutual companionship! This is the first step in that process!




The next step is for us to review your application and see if we think we will be able to provide you with the experience you are hoping for! We believe that the breeder/puppy owner relationship is very important since we will be here for you and your puppy for life! Breeders have their own personal styles in everything from frequency and type of communication to theories on training, food, and on and on!! We want to do our best to ensure that the entire process will meet the needs of all involved!! We believe this is a big part of an overall satisfying puppy buying experience!!



You can expect us to have reviewed your application within 2-3 days of completion! We will reach out to you with any follow up questions we may have and we are alway happy to arrange a time to chat on the phone to answer any of your questions! Once we are in agreement that we are a good match it is time to place your puppy deposit! We will provide you with a deposit contract to review and complete that outlines our deposit and waitlist policies. Once that is completed it is time to place a $250 deposit on your future puppy! We accept payments through Square that can be made with debit or credit card (Square does add a 3% transaction fee) or by personal check or money order as long as there is time for funds to clear at least one week prior to puppy selection.



Once you've made your deposit it is time to be placed on the appropriate waiting list for the size/generation/breed of puppy you are looking for! We currently have waiting lists for F1 Standard Bernedoodles, F1b Standard Bernedoodles, and Australian Mountain Doodles. Names are added to our waitlist in the order that deposits are received. You will be able to access our updated waitlist on our website at any time to see where you are on the list. We will update the list as new deposits are placed. 

We will keep our website updated with planned future litter information as well as the status of each litter. We do our everything in our power to keep to our planned breeding schedule, ensure successful breeding, and produce healthy litters of puppies, however there are elements that we will never be able to control and that can change our plans at any time, with the primary one being Mother Nature herself!  Unfortunately not all breedings result in puppies nor can we  control the size or gender/color distribution of our litters. We also reserve the right not to proceed with a planned litter if it is not in the best health interest of one of our dogs, as their health is our number one priority. 


We realize that these realities can be challenging when a family has been waiting for a puppy!! 

If a breeding does not result in a successful pregnancy we will notify those on our waitlist as soon as possible and the list will be moved forward to the next scheduled breeding.


This is the hardest part!! Once you have placed a deposit we encourage you to visit the website and our social media pages for status updates! We will keep the website updated with the most current information. Once a litter has arrived we will notify the families on our waitlist! At this point we will begin communicating with the waitlist families who will be assigned to that litter. For example, if a litter produces ten puppies we will reach out to the first ten families on our list and see if they are interested in this litter or if they would like to pass to the next planned litter. 


Reasons for passing may include the timing of the litter or that the litter does not include the gender and/or coloring desired. Flexibilty on color and gender can equate to a quicker match, while some families have very specific visions of their perfect puppy and are willing to wait until they can be matched with the exact puppy they have dreamed of. We completely support both selection styles!! We want you to be happy and satisfied with the puppy that you take home and for the process to match your family’s needs as much as possible! If a family passes on a specific litter assignment then we will move on to the next family on the list until we have filled the list for that particular litter. 


We will take weekly puppy pictures and post those on both our website and our social media pages. Once a family has been assigned to a specific litter they will begin receiving more direct contact from us for updates. Texting is our preferred form of communication as it is the easiest way for us to share photos and videos. 



The day is here and now it is FINALLY time to pick your puppy!! We will do puppy matches once puppies turn six weeks old. We believe this gives ample time to observe coat changes that naturally occur over the first several weeks (particularly with our sable puppies) as well as emergence of personality and temperament . We believe that this practice is invaluable and provides families with the most information possible before choosing their new family member! It all goes back to setting the right expectations and ensuring the smoothest transition home possible!! We begin with the first family on our list and as soon as their pick is made we will move on to the second family and so on. We keep everyone updated as each pick is made. Many families know by this point which puppy(s) they have their eyes and hearts set on and so this process is typically very fast moving! It is one of our very favorite parts of the whole process!! 



​It is time to bring home your new puppy!! Puppies are ready to go home at eight weeks of age. Being located in Northern Kentucky allows us the advantage of being within driving distance for many of our families. We also are an easy drive from the Cincinnati Airport (CVG). These are the options we offer for pickup or delivery:


1.You are welcome to schedule a time to pick up your puppy from our farm. 


2. We are happy to schedule a time and place to meet up with you to shorten your drive. For any location that is more than one hour drive each way we will charge a .50/mile delivery fee. 


3.We are happy to meet you at the Cincinnati Airport (CVG) if you would like to fly in and pick up your puppy! 


4. We are happy to work with you to arrange a flight nanny. The typical charge for a West Coast delivery runs $600-$700 while the cost may be less for Midwest and East Coast delivery. We will contact the nanny service for you and they will initiate a group text message between the three of us. Flight nannies mostly fly standby and so some flexibility is often needed on delivery date and time as plans can change at the last minute. We will meet the nanny at the airport with your puppy. Flight nannies are independent contractors and not affiliated with Sojourner Puppies. We do not charge a fee for this delivery method and payment is made to them directly, typically upon delivery. The nanny keeps all parties updated on the progress of the flight typically with picture and text messages.


5. We are travelers by nature (it is in our name!) and we also love to hand deliver our puppies when we can and it is desired by our families! We keep our costs as low as possible and can calculate delivery fees upon request and based on mileage/distance to your home!

Please visit our POLICIES page for more information.