Health Guarantees 

We offer two kind of guarantees for our puppies. The first is our health guarantee. This guarantee promises that your puppy will arrive to you free of any disease or debilitating illnesses. We require that you make an appointment with your vet so that the puppy can be seen within three business days of him/her arriving home with you. Common puppy ailments such as intestinal parasites are not covered in the guarantee. While we follow all recommended worming procedures during their first eight weeks of life intestinal parasites are a common occurrence in puppies and dogs and it is not uncommon for them to be activated by the stress of this big life adjustment for your puppy. Should there be an issue discovered by your vet you will be eligible for a full refund of the purchase price of your puppy. See more details in our Puppy Contract.  


The second guarantee we offer is a two year Genetic Health Guarantee. This covers serious genetic issues that may arise in the first two years of life and that would impact the quality of life for your pet.  Once we have confirmation of a genetic issue the puppy owner would be eligible to receive a puppy from a future litter free of charge. To fully understand our policies and provisions we encourage you to read our full Puppy Contract.

Spay or Neuter

Our puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract. We will consider selling with full breeding rights to other breeders on a case by case basis. It is our recommendation that our puppies not be spayed/neutered until one year or until a female has had her first heat cycle. We believe that this is in the best overall health interest of the puppy. However, we do leave this up to the discretion of you and your vets. We require proof of spay or neuter by your puppy's first birthday. Failure to provide this proof will void our health guarantee.


Our puppies are never to be taken to a pound, shelter or lab facility.  We do understand that sometimes life circumstances change - loss of job or home, health issues, things that we never expect or want to happen definitely happen.  We ask that if you are in a situation where your dog can no longer be part of your family for whatever reason - you call us.  We promise no judgement or shame, we only want to support you and ensure that our puppy goes to home that will be a good fit for them.  We reserve the right to approve all rehoming plans.