Stuff for training

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whether this is your very first puppy, or you've been around dogs your entire life, this article is full of great ideas to make the transition with your new puppy a success!

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How do you train a new puppy when you can't leave the house because of a global pandemic?  We recommend the empowered puppy program! Let professional dog trainer Kim paciotti teach you how to teach your puppy to be the best companion that he or she can be. a well trained puppy is a happy puppy and a pleasure to have in your home!

Stuff we like for grooming

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We love this style of brush for grooming our puppies. the metal bristles allow you to get down to the undercoat and the brush is great for smoothing out their fur. 

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this shampoo is awesome!! it is gentle and makes their fur so soft!

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this has been one of our favorite finds! it is fantastic to freshen up your puppy between baths. rub a bit between your hands,  through your puppy's fur, and then a quick brush is all you need to have a great smelling pup again!

Stuff for your house

We love this puppy set up we saw on facebook! it is a great example of the setup recommended by puppy culture. it helps to set your puppy up for success, especially for times they will be home on their own for a while. this allows your puppy room to move around, a place to go potty, and access to their crate. this is also great for times when your puppy needs some down time or you won't be able to watch them for a while. the playpen is multipurpose and also is a great way to contain them outside during playtime.

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Accidents happen - nature's miracle is a great product to clean them up when they do.  it is an enzymatic cleaner that doesn't just cover up puppy odors, but breaks down the source of the odors and removes them. We always have it on hand. 

Stuff for fun

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everyone loves Kongs! you can stuff them with lots of great treats and it keeps a bored and bitey puppy busy. puppies love to chew and chew and having lots of toys made for chewing puppies on hand is what you need to be able to divert them back to appropriate things to chew when you find them gnawing on your fingers, toes, furniture, shoes.......

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Kristin LOVe love loves zippy paws!!! they are the absolute cutest and come in a huge variety of seek and squeak delights! we call them the Pixar movies of puppy toys.....made with both the puppy and the parent in mind!! also see above for the main reason to have lots and lots of puppy toys around!!