The Girls


Bernese Mountain Dog

Genetic Testing:  Clear

Abbie will always hold an extra special place in our hearts as she is the mother of our very first Sojourner litter. She is an amazing girl and has proven to be a wonderful mother! She is all we could have asked for as the one to lead us into this amazing adventure of dog breeding. She is affectionate and gentle and has a shiny coat that is surely the envy of all the dogs in the neighborhood! Simply put, we adore her! 


Bernese Mountain Dog

Genetic Testing:  Clear

Josie starts every day with a mandatory belly rub.  She wants attention and affection before she wants her morning constitutional or her breakfast, and that is saying something because this girl LOVES her food! She is fairly bursting with joy and energy and it comes through in all she does, including posing for pictures! She is a ray of sunshine! Josie and Abbie are sisters and litter mates. 

Future Sojourner Mamas


F1 Tri-Color Bernedoodle

We are SO excited to have added Roxie to our clan! This picture captures her perfectly! She is full of life, LOVES people, and she literally gives us hugs! We love these qualities in a puppy! She is a beautiful girl and she will be the first Sojourner Mama to produce F1b bernedoodles for us. We are excited to see all that the future has in store for Roxie!


Standard tri-color parti poodle

Sometimes the thing you are looking for shows up when you least expect it! For us, that something was the gorgeous Dixie!! We are thrilled to add her beautiful self to our family! She is a literal doll! She loves people and we can't get enough of her! I mean, just look at those eyebrows!! We are very excited to see the standard tri-colored babies that she will add to our program!!