Our Story...

My name is Kristin Williams and along with my husband Keith we make up the human members of Sojourner Puppies! Nearly 11 years ago we fulfilled a dream by moving onto 44 acres of beautiful property in northern Kentucky. Along with our five children we settled down into country life. Over the course of the next few years our family grew by three through the blessing and adventure of adoption. Today nearly all of us pitch in to wrangle, care for, and love on the dogs and puppies that make up the canine members of our crew!!

Why Sojourner? My husband and I both love words and we put a lot of thought into chosing the name of our breeding program. We both love viewing our time here on earth as a sojourn. Our lives are always changing and it seems like we rarely stay in one place for too long, whether it’s our geography or our situations. We love the idea that our canine companions can be a consistent source of comfort and joy no matter what life brings. In our individual uniqueness, adventure can be a great book under a warm blanket, a hike to the top of a mountain, and everything in between! And we happen to believe that every adventure is better with the dog!


It took us a little while to color in the details of the dream that we had for this property. Like a lot of good things in life this journey has taken some twists and turns to bring us to the place where we are today. In many ways it feels like we’re just getting started. When we brought home our first Bernese Mountain dogs, Abbie and Josie, in June of 2017 we could never have imagined all of the adventure awaiting us! We had NO idea how much we had to learn, how much fun we would have, how many tears we would cry, and how much joy we would experience! We have been blessed beyond belief to see how much joy a puppy can bring to a family! In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined what a crazy amazing ride this would be!!


We have met wonderful people, fascinating dogs, and there’s so much more in store!! As someone who is passionate about lifelong learning I am so grateful to have found a calling that teaches me something new every single day. Color genetics, photography, training, daily dog care, birthing puppies... the list goes on and on!! We consider it an honor to serve our Sojourner Puppy families and it’s our commitment to keep learning and growing every day!