Welcome to Sojourner Kennels

Sojourner Kennels is located in the hills of Northern Kentucky. We are a small kennel dedicated to breeding healthy and beautiful Bernedoodles! We fell in love with the doodle breed when we brought home our first doodle in 2010. We knew right then that we would be doodle owners for life! We absolutely love the majestic Bernese Mountain Dog and the energetic and fun loving standard poodle! We believe that together they make something magical! We love adventure and know that having that perfect companion makes life all the more wonderful! Our dogs are a part of our family! If you choose to purchase a Sojourner puppy we commit to doing all we can to match you with the perfect dog for yours!  

Meet the Family

We are very thoughtful and intentional in the way that we add dogs to our breeding program. We breed first for health and temperament....their beautiful colors are the frosting on the cake! All potential Sojourner moms and dads have passed genetic health testing specific to their breed. 

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